Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An Update

Hi all. Well, yesterday was the big day -- got to meet the new doc! Let's say this -- I wondered what he'd look like an a leather harness and chaps LOL. Seriously though he seems to very nice, caring, knowledgable, and right on top of all the latest technology. He has a paperless practice. The first thing I noticed when entering the office was the total absence of those banks of lateral files bursting with the file folders with the multicolor lettered tabs. All the charts and information are computerized. The receptionist (his wife) entered all my info into the laptop, took me and it back to the exam room and entered my vitals. Then the doc came in with his thinkpad thingy. He clicked buttons and punced away with his stylus. He even punched in a few things and in the blink of an eye had the records from my recent hospital visit. And then to top it off, he zapped my prescription to the pharmacist -- again no paper. It was so 21st century -- a little more technology and it will be StarTrek revisited. On to more important matters, he changed a medication and recommended a couple of tests. The good thing was that he left most decisions up to me based on my lack of insurance. He said that if I had insurance, I could have this test and that test etc. It makes me wonder again about our health care system. We can spend trillions of dollars on a war that 1) makes no sense and 2) is unwinnable, but we can't take care of the people in this country who do not have health insurance or gobs of money. Ah well, perhaps after the 2008 elections we can do a little something.

Anyhow, I am now in the care of a competent health care provider, on new meds, and hopefully on the road to a long and healthy life. Of course......with THIS doctor, I wouldn't mind a few office calls (LOL). Thanks for all the concern and kind thoughts. Hug someone!

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Lemuel said...

Gee, I think with the hints you are throwing about that doc (except for the wife), I'd be feeling *awfully* sick most of the time. *wink*

I am happy to hear that things are looking up in the health dept for you.