Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chaos Reigns

YIKES.  What a month.  Between my denominational conference in Chicago, a quick trip to Iowa, a family visit, and some goings on, it has been non-stop chaos.  All of the travel and visit were fine and fun, though they did kind of upset the routine of life.  Couple all of that with Ben's interview this week, some shenanigans at Church of the Holy Mother (LOL), and some medical issues, I'm ready for a respite.  Later this week, we have a two night hotel stay to celebrate my birthday, and there is a likely trip to a potential new location within the month.  There are goings on my child's life involving separation and eventual divorce, and family relocating to our area (just as we are looking at leaving).  Add all of this together, and is it any wonder that Ben and I are about to go 'round the bend?  Life is seldom dull here at Slumlord Heights, but can we at least slow the merry go round from warp drive to mach speed?  PLEASE!

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