Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Damned if he Does and Damned if he Doesn't

I am sitting here this morning listening to Morning Joe, and I am getting more and more angry.  It seems that just a month ago after the elections, these folks were saying, "The voters have spoken, the President better listen."  Now Mr. Obama has compromised to include some of the Republican issues (including those "tax cuts" for the wealthy), and these same folks are criticizing the President for moving too far right.  What exactly do these people want?  Do they want a leader who stands for what he believes to be correct or a puppet who follows the polls?   Folks, you cannot have it both ways!  The truth is that these commentators -- this show and others -- are just plain anti-Democrat or anti-Obama.  Let's figure out what is the right thing to do and DO IT regardless of the politics.  Let's stop complaining about everything and DO something productive!

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