Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life Moves Forward

Well, it was a long and time consuming move, but we turned in the keys to the old place last night and brought the last load of stuff back -- Ben called those boxes the "Miscellaneous Boxes". They will get opened in the next couple of days and all will be well within a week or so. Another casualty -- besides the table leg, a chipped glass, and a couple other small oops's -- was the laptop display screen. I was sitting here the other night typing away (or playing a game or something equally exciting) when all at once Ben let out a howl. Before he could explain it, the entire rack of dvd's and cd's came toppling over toward me and the computer. It smacked the lid of the laptop and the display went all whacky and useless. Well, I worried and stewed about it for a while, and we decided to find a monitor to hook to the laptop. I posted my need on and within hours yesterday I had a couple of emails offering monitors. I went this afternoon and picked one up, brought it home, hooked it up, and --voila!!-- I'm back up and running. All things seem to work out somehow.

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