Saturday, October 25, 2008

And So the Season Comes

Here we are exactly two months until Christmas. In honor of the date, I bought the first Christmas present of the season. Ben was at his church convention and the mall was right across the parking lot from the hotel, so....... Like any good card carrying friend of Dorothy, I shopped! I also spent part of the day with Mother. She is living with my sister and brother in law, and that kind of arrangement sometimes causes tensions and upsets. Today was no exception -- in the twenty years or so that they have been married, I don't think I've ever seen the BIL upset with his Mother in Law. Today he just needed to vent, so besides occupying Mom for a while, I was also a listening and sympathetic ear. Mom is not a horribly controlling or demanding person, though I think she likes to be in control. Now that she's not out in the world or managing her own home, the little things become oh so important. I took a moment to remind Mom of the years when Grandma lived with them and how difficult that sometimes was.

Last night we were at the church convention banquet and had a great conversation with the rector from a large wealthy church. We discussed ministry, the sexuality issue, and had a great evening. It's nice to be included in things. The hotel room was nice (and there were NO animals taking up space in that huge kingsize bed.). Now we're home again and it's time to get ready to do church in the morning. After church, I have a budget workshop with the Board (YUCK) and then go to work for the evening. At least I am off on Monday.

Sorry it's been a while since I posted -- guess I hit a dry spell. I've been dealing with some level of depression, but nothing lethal. These seasons come, we deal with them, and move on with life. No time to slow down and deal with the underlying issues. Life goes on. So that's what new in this end of town -- how about you? Hug someone -- and remember -- only two more shopping months until Christmas.


Lemuel said...

I am hoping that I never have to move in with my children. I want my own independence and I was independence for them.

Ur-spo said...

I was pleased as punch to see you posting again - but oh my goodness it is about Christmas?!
You two must be related to the Elves.