Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Fashion Alert

There's something that bugs the stuffing out of me and I just need to sound off. That is the way in which so many of young folks today don't seem to know either how or where and when to wear their "baseball caps." It may be a generational thing but I believe that the caps are made with a brim that is supposed to face forward, offering the face some protection from the sun. Yet these days it is rare to see a hat worn correctly. They are off center, backwards or even sideways. It looks STUPID to me. And then there's the where and when -- my goodness, if I'd worn a hat in the house as a kid it would have been flipped off my head before I could say hello. And what's more -- at the dinner table: YIKES. I have nothing against wearing caps - I own a few and wear them now and then, but I wear them brim forward and when I get inside they come off. What is the big deal? Is the penchant for wearing the hats wrong a fashion statement? a statment of independent nonconformity or what? Whatever it is, please take a good long look in mirror. Wearing the latest "fashion" isn't always the most beneficial or becoming. If you're gonna wear a cap, do me a favor and put it on right! And do my mom a favor and take it off at the dinner table. And THAT'S the way I see it on this Sunday afternoon. Any comments?


Albert said...

The only time a person should wear a baseball hat backwards is when they are on their knees giving a @#$% job.
Sorry so blunt but you asked lol!

Nick said...

That sounds pretty practical, Albert, but I take mine off LOL.

Anonymous said...

we are showing our age; I agree with you on this one
Urspo of SpoReflections.

Lemuel said...

When a young person wears his hat backwards or sideways, I may think it to look silly, but it generally does not bother me. When geezer's do it, then I want to sever their heads.

However, I do get upset with persons of any age, who do not have the manners or courtesy to remove their hats in places such as schools, churches, etc.